Good News! If you cannot find parking in our driveway (it happens) you can park in the street at the back of our house. Our backdoor neighbor has graciously allowed our customers to walk through his yard. Please DO NOT PARK IN HIS YARD! If you come in through the back and don't see us, give us a call so that we don't miss you. It's going to be a great year!

Our plants are fertilized with steamed bone meal, worm castings, epsom salts, mycorrihzae, seaweed extract, fish fertilizer, kelp and alfalfa meal. We DO NOT use pesticides or herbcides.

We accept checks, cash and credit cards (minimum $20 purchase for credit cards please)

Plants We Are Offering This Year:

Tomatoes: This year we have 337 varieties for sale.

Peppers: We are offering 103 different varieties, hot and sweet, plus superhots.

Vegetable Plants: Lettuce for early planting.  Cucumbers, Melons, Spaghetti Squash and Winter/Summer Squash

Flower Plants: Pansies, Stock, Schizanthus, Specialty Petunias, Nasturtiums, Amaranthus, Asters, Marigolds, Zinnias, Flowering Vines: Asarina, Black-eyed Susan Vines, Morning Glory and more

We have a standing invitation to each and every one of you to visit my garden. You will be amazed how I transformed one of our greenhouses into a sunny entertaining spot. Just call first. I kid my customers that they only visit when they want something! I’d love to share my garden with you.


Dates to Maturity

I changed actual days to a seasonal range since our weather is so unpredictable:

Very Early - 54 days or less

Early - 55-69 days

Mid-season - 70-84 days (most of them are mid-season)

Late Season - 85 or more days (late yes, but worth the real estate)

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Meet Your Friendly Tomato People

Steve and Elizabeth Casteel

Elizabeth, The Tomato Lady with her prize tomatoes in her small greenhouse. The man in the  picture below, is her Honey, Steve, The Tomato Man. I would be remiss if I didn't ,mention him. After all, It takes two to make  this whole operation come together.

My partner in "crime", Steve Casteel. husband extarordinaire, affectionately known as The Tomato Man (or King) as he likes to think!.

Closing on May 31 for the 2022 growing season. Starting Friday, May 28, we are reducing our prices to clear them out. We still have a lot of varieties but they are going fast.

All veggies & annuals in a regular pot are $3 each

All gallon tomatoes & peppers $7 each, regular pot is $3.50 each. We have several hanging baskets with a tomato (Tumbler or Tumbling Tom Yellow) and flowers and/or lettuce. Very pretty. They are $20 each,

Shortened Hours: Friday & Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday 1pm-4pm, Monday 10am-1pm, Tuesday (final day) 10am-4pm.

We have gourmet lettuce; Buckley, Parris Island, Plato II, Starfighter, Tom Thumb, Jadeite, Little Gem, Lollo di Vino. Black Seeded Simpson, New Red Fire, Elf Ears.

We have an assortment of veggies: melons - Dove, Sugar Cube, Oka Bizard, winter squash - Honeynut, Sunshine, and Butterscotch, cucumbers - Straight Eight, Marketmore, Little Leaf, Lemon, Angel Hair Spaghetti Squash

Flowers: Foxglove, Hollyhocks, Petunias, Cosmos,  Pulmonaria, Pansies, Calendula, Schizanthus, Gazanias, Sunflowers, Godetia, Marigolds, Zinnias, Coreopsis etc. I try to grow varieties you can't find at the big box stores.

We would be thrilled if you would return the pots to us. It helps cut down our costs.

If your screen doesn't show the correct information, please refresh the page, even if you just visited. Computers hold onto previous visits.