Here is a basket full of goodness. This is a collection of peppers from our garden. Green, purple, yellow, cream, red and reddish orange are all represented here. 

We are officially out of peppers.

Pepper Colors

Green peppers, bells and hot peppers such as jalapeños, in the store peppers are immature or unripe. All peppers, If left on the vine until they ripen, will turn red, orange, yellow, purple or a chocolate colo . This makes them sweeter and more expensive since they have to wait longer before picking.

There are several peppers that start out cream or white and turn red or orange when mature. This color cobination is stunning when mixed with flowers. Check out the 
Albino Bullnose is a creamy white.

Sweet Pickle comes in several different colors on the same bush, as well as the Chinese 5 Color (a hot pepper) which are supposed to be screaming hot. I will use them as a decorative element in my landscape.  •  509-928-3342  •  Blog:
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