Sweet Peppers


Different Types of Sweet Peppers

Frying peppers

A general term for several different kinds of thin-walled, small peppers. Frying peppers, whether green, red or somewhere in between are actually very mild. Jimmy Nardello is a lovely frying peppesr that are also good in a salad.

Bell Peppers

These are the blocky, squarish peppers that we know and love and grew up with. They are good for stuffing and eating raw in salad. Purple Beauty California Wonder are good examples. This year I have plenty of Mini Bells, similar to what you get in a bag of mixed colors from them grocery store. One of my new faves is the Violet Sparkle, beautiful colors as it develops and ripens to a gorgeous dep red. This was the sweetest of the bunch. Feher Oxon Paprika eating fresh.

Other Peppers, sometimes called relleno peppers, stuffing peppers, banana peppers, etc. Most of them are heirlooms.  Corno di Toro (Horn of the Bull), Sweet Banana, and 
Antohi Romanian are good examples. They are shaped differently, long, squatty, round etc.

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