Cherry Tomatoes


Cherry tomatoes are one of the delights of the garden. They are the first to ripen in my garden, sweet, luscious little gems you pop into your mouth. My favorite (and my customers all-time favorite) is the Sungold. Tasty little golden morsels, warmed by the sun, it’s just like eating candy. Another yummy one is Sweet Treats. They are the size of a pink golf ball and the plant is extrememly prolific. Super Snow White is, well, super! The plant is huge, producing enormous amounts of ping pong ball sized creamy white tomatoes. Blush is not only pretty but has a lovely sweet-tart taste. And then there is Hundreds and Thousands. They are tiny little red, current size tomatoes that grow beautifully in hanging basket. There are literally hundreds on each plant. Black Cherry and Sweet Baby Girl are two of my new favorites. Oh I could go on...  •  509-928-3342  •  Blog:
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