Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are one of the delights of the garden. They are the first to ripen in my garden, sweet, luscious little gems you pop into your mouth. My favorite (and my customers all-time favorite) is the Sungold. Tasty little golden morsels, warmed by the sun, it’s just like eating candy.  Super Snow White is, well, super! The plant is huge, producing enormous amounts of ping pong ball sized creamy white tomatoes. Blush is not only pretty but has a lovely sweet-tart taste. And then there is Candyland Red. They are tiny little red, current size tomatoes that grow beautifully in hanging basket. There are literally hundreds on each plant. Black Cherry is another good one, a deep burgundy, with sweet flavor. Plentiful and pretty. Sweet Aperitif is one of our new favorites, tiny (although not as tiny as the currant style of tomato,) sweet with a lively flavor. Oh I could go on...

Remember that  ripening times are  from the time of transplanting into the garden


You will adore this blackish-purple skinned, cherry tomato with dark red flesh and a sweet and juicy flavor. It produces sweet and juicy fruits in abundance through the summer. These little cherry tomatoes, are so pretty in a salad when combined with other colors of cherry tomatoes, such as Sungold, Yellow Pear and Green Grape. Indeterminate,


The color is unusual - lavender and purple stripes, turning to olive-green, red, and brown/blue stripes when fully ripe. Fruit holds well on the vine. Crack-resistant and very sweet! Wispy foliage looks delicate but belies these plants' vigor and productivity. These range in size from a large grape to plum-sized. Indeterminate


A spectacular mix of pink with yellow stripes, yellow with red stripes and purple striped with metallic green. Round, 1 1/2-in., cherry-sized, crack- resistant fruits create the tastiest, most colorful salad ever! Indeterminate


These 2 "long cherry tomatoes have an unforgettable flavor reminiscent of pineapple. I grew these because of their beauty. I was amazed at their taste. It was tart at first and then your mouth is flooded with a sweet, lovely juice making for a sweet/tart experience. Indeterminate,


Pink fruits are striped with yellow and are crack resistant. Great sweet taste and very pretty in a salad. Vigorous vines produce continuously over a long growing season. Indeterminate


We love this one! It grows well in a pot and produces lots of yummy little fruit. These are currant tomatoes and smaller than regular cherry-type. Expect more than 100 fruit from every plant. The tomato plant has a nice tidy habit. Indeterminate


Celano is a patio type grape tomato with a bushy habit. Grown with some support, such as a tomato cage. It is billed as being semi-determinate, but in my garden it was  enormous. It  is an early producer of sweet oblong fruits weighing about 0.6 oz. each. Sweeter and a deeper red than other grape tomatoes. Good for container. (A large container)


You will love the sweet, fruity taste of these oblong fruit which weigh barely an ounce. Some show a "beak" at the blossom end. Swirls of reds and oranges make this a lot of fun. Indeterminate


Plants are loaded with clusters of sweet and delicious little gems. The 1" cherry-like fruits are rich brick red with deep chocolate shading. These are perfect for salads, slicing or canning with an exceptional fresh flavor that is rich and complex. Indeterminate


Producing big, sprawling plants that yield a prolific crops of 1 oz., round, pink, thin-skinned fruit that has a  fruity sweet flavor. Surprisingly crack resistant, even in heavy rains, considering the delicate thin skin.  Indeterminate


Vigorous plants bear numerous golden-yellow, fine-flavored, 1" oval "nuggets". Uniform, compact plants, averaging 24" in height, begin fruiting extra-early. Indeterminate


This is the first dark tomato with strong disease resistance. Faint green stripes against a dark, brick red background. Grape-shaped fruits, 1 in. by 1 1/2"., are very sweet and grow in trusses of 6 to 8. Excellent yields. Indeterminate


Thin-skinned and juicy, with a distinctive flavor and shape. Fruits weigh 1/3 to 1/2 oz. each, in clusters of 16 to 40 fruits. Ideal for America's current preference for smaller, grape shaped tomatoes. Semi-determinate


These are the first, fully ripened green cherry tomato. Fruits are delicious, juicy and sweet. They turn a lovely golden green when ripe and are wonderful straight from the vine. Mix with Sweet Million and Sungold cherry tomatoes for a rainbow infused salad. Determinate


This yellow cherry tomato produces huge clusters, of 1" fruit, sweet and juicy! Well branched and extremely prolific. Semi-determinate


A sweet, spicy and delicious cherry. Green with silvery shoulders. Small, slightly pear shaped fruit. Fruit is yellowish-lime green with kiwi-green colored flesh. Large vines produce huge yields. Some plants produce bright green fruit; others produce "frosted" fruit, which are lighter in color and even sweeter.


One of the popular "Husky" series developed especially for home gardens, the plant is stout, and dark green. The vines are short and husky like a determinate type, usually between 3 - 4 feet, yielding clusters of tasty little tomatoes. Perfect for a large container.


Picture-perfect fruits of superior quality, marbled in red and orange, with a cat's eye starburst on the blossom end. These 1-1/2" cherry tomatoes are sweet. Heavy yields of short trusses. Indeterminate, mid-season


Amazing trusses of small, bright red cherry tomatoes with strong disease resistance. Highly prolific these small, red fruits have all the flavor of a full-sized tomato packed into a single bite. Fruit have excellent texture, resisting cracking and rot when picked with calyx on. An AAS Winner


These have the same striking dark blue anthocyanin coloration over red flesh as Indigo Rose. Yield and flavor are much improved, with larger clusters of 1-2 oz. fruit. These are very sweet when ripe. Wait for them to develop an reddish tint for best flavor. Indeterminate, mid-season


Small, sweet, intensely red cherry tomatoes grow in clusters of 15-30 fruits, and are oblong shaped like grapes. The fruit resists cracking and hold well on the vine for days. Indeterminate


Grape shaped, sweet flavored fruits. Glossy red and crack resistant, they stay on the vine longer than other cherry tomatoes. They have a thicker skin but a lovely bite, with luscious juices. These grow well in planters or large containers and they are yummmy! Indeterminate


One of my favorites. These little fruits are resistant to cracking which is the scourge of many a cherry tomato. Not only do I love the cute name, they are really sweet, one of the first to ripen in my garden, and very prolific, bearing in large trusses of tomatoes. Plants will need staking. Indeterminate


This pink cherry has loads of flavor. Yummy. Good acid content and a sweet taste in meaty fruits produced in clusters of 9 to 14, weighing 1-1/2 oz. each, with a distinct peach shape. Indeterminate


Elongated green striped cherry tomato with a striking red blush. As Lucky Tiger ripens, the green striping becomes more defined and the background turns red We love this one. Excellent sweet, tart flavor. Part of the Artisan series tomatoes. Indeterminate


'World's smallest tomato variety,' developed by Drs., J.W. Scott and B.K. Harbaugh at the University of Florida. Grows 5 to 8 inches tall in a 4 inch pot bearing flavorful miniature tomatoes about the size of salad croutons. Makes a beautiful ornamental and conversation piece. It's one of those "fun" plants. Determinate


A customer of mine requested this last year and I was able to find the seed after much searching. Distinctively sweet 2 inch red grape tomatoes are delicious eaten by the handful right off the vine or added to salads. Suitable for large containers. Determinate,


Tiny cherry tomatoes are packed with an amazing flavor. When you bite into these delightful morsels, they literally burst with intense, rich tomato flavor, perfectly balanced with sweetness. Tall plants. Originally from Mexico, where these tomatoes grow wild. Indeterminate


Plum-shaped Italian variety favored for drying. Make your own sun dried tomatoes. Meaty tomatoes have very little juice and few seeds. Small plants become extremely loaded with fruit. Determinate


The name of this German heirloom variety means 'giant bunch of grapes,' Bouquet-type blossoms turn into bunches of 20 to 40 small, oval red fruit with pointy ends. Plants are covered with fruit. Flavor is excellent. Indeterminate


A very productive heirloom cherry plant from Japan producing large pink cherries in clusters. Absolutely  delicious flavor. Multifloras (aka compound inflorescence) produce lots of fruit, per cluster. Indeterminate,


A tomato producing long, cascading stems with up to 40 small, red cherry tomatoes on each stem. Can be grown in a container. Caging is recommended to support the weight of all that fruit. Reminds me of the fairy tale featuring a maiden imprisoned in a tower who would lower her long beautiful hair as a ladder! Indeterminate


Sweet German heirloom that produces heavy yields straight through until frost. Clusters of 6 to 12 smooth, deep-red fruits, each averaging 3/4" to 1" in diameter. Excellent eating quality and flavor. Indeterminate


I've grown these for several years and I really love these tomatoes. The super sweet flavor and pink skins are absolutely wonderful. The oval-shaped, slightly pointed fruits are very productive and they will always have place in my garden. Indeterminate


The size of a marble, these golden fruits are bursting with sweetness. They are slightly more tangy than the Sungold and have a different flavor, more tropical. Just as good, only in a different way. Despite thin skins, they are quite crack-resistant and are heavy-bearing all season. They grew well in a large pot. Indeterminate


Aptly named for its cherry red, bite sized fruits that are juicy and sweet enough to snack on all by themselves. Heavy trusses support lush clusters of round, 3/4" fruits that average just 1 oz. each. Plants perform best when staked.


Bite sized, super sweet and thin skinned. What more could you ask of a cherry tomato? These are vigorous plants producing a wealth of bright red fruits. Indeterminate


A favorite. This is the most prolific tomato I've grown. The plant was enormous and the tomatoes numerous.  Mild and sweet, bearing 2 oz., ivory-colored cherry tomatoes, mild in taste. They are about the size of a ping pong ball. Indeterminate


These plants will need staking or caging but will reward you by producing long strands of super sweet red tomatoes and are extra high in Vitamin C. Great in salads or right off the vine. Indeterminate


Customer all-time favorite! Juicy and sweet, Foliage is a pretty bluish green. The best cherry tomato you will ever put in your mouth. Eat straight from the vine, warmed by the sun. Prolific and early. Wow your friends with a salad composed of white, yellow, red, pink and green cherry tomatoes. Indeterminate


FFrom England, this might be the sweetest cherry you'll ever eat! Bright red fruits have great flavor and high levels of sugar and a tangy flavor. Plants have a multi-branching habit and are completely covered with bite sized, 1/2 oz. fruits. Indeterminate,


Terrific new cherry-sized tomato. As the name implies, these are sweet-tasting. Grows well in the home garden. Ideal for eating fresh, in salads, relishes and warmed by the sun, straight off the vine. Prolific producer. Indeterminate


Terrific flavor in high yields of super-sweet cherry tomatoes that have excellent, hybrid disease resistance. Long chains of smooth, dark red, 1 to 1½  fruits are produced on large vigorous plants. Matures early and continues producing until frost. Indeterminate


Tremendous 5 to 6 ft. vines yield loads of early, super-sweet, tender-skinned fruits. Vines boast as many as 10 clusters of fruit at one time, each with 15 to 20 large cherries, 1 to 1-1/2" in diameter. Displays high crack-resistance and drought tolerance. Low in acid. . . Indeterminate


One of the first pink cherry tomatoes in the world providing a uniquely balanced flavor of sweetness and acidity. Great texture with a deep rich matte finish on the outside. Uniform and crack-free, 1 oz fruits grow in clusters of 12 to 15 fruits per truss. Indeterminate


One of the best tasting grape tomatoes! Very sweet fruits are 3/4", weigh just 1/2 oz. each and grow in clusters of 10 to 14. Strong vigorous plants have multiple disease resistance a,nd produce tons and tons of these lovely little beauties. Great for kids to pick right off the vine. Indeterminate


Just perfect for container growing or smaller gardens. Plants grow no more than 18 inches tall and can be grown in a 6-inch pot. Round, bright red cherry tomatoes are about 3/4 inch in diameter. Determinate


Terrific new cherry-sized tomato. As the name implies, these are sweet-tasting. Grows well in the home garden. Ideal for eating fresh, in salads, relishes and warmed by the sun, straight off the vine. Prolific producer. Indeterminate


These tomatoes are especially bred for hanging baskets. Bushy plants look fantastic mixed with petunias, lobelia and alyssum. Sweet, bright red fruits with good yields for the size of the plants. Determinate



aka Grappoli d'Inverno. From Southern Puglia in Italy. This is a grape-shaped red cherry, producing loads of great tasting sweet fruit. Tomatoes hold well on the vine and after they're picked. The variety does well in a pot or container and is a good candidate for hanging and drying on the plant. Determinate


An heirloom, they grow on tall, rangy plants and bear in heavy clusters of 1 ¾ inch sized fruits. Children especially love their unique shape. Mild flavored, sweet, perfect for salads or straight from the vine.  Indeterminate


Perfect for hanging baskets, window boxes or small space gardens. Eye-catching and tasty the stems cascade down with lemon yellow fruit, the effect is striking. Try mixing it with bright blue lobelia for stunning contrast. Fruit ripens throughout the summer for a manageable harvest.



A grape shaped cherry tomato grown by mistake one year. There was an error in seeds we got from a supplier and this is what came up. Fortunately, it was sweet and very prolific too so we were able to save seed from that harvest. Indeterminate