Main Season Tomatoes

A main season tomato is the one you get in the dead of summer, somewhere around 70 - 84 days or more. Some can be heirlooms and some are hybrids. Perfect for salads and hamburgers.  Mountain Fresh Plus (can be grown in a large pot) and Delicious are fabulous tomatoes with good flavor and lovely juicy flesh. Mister E is a tomato we saved out of a Big Zac which is a hybrid. Because of this, we knew we wouldn’t get a Big Zac, instead we developed a really nice, large, pink, tomato, one slice per sandwich. Yummm.  Last year we had a Jetstar, it was wonderful and sweet, consistant size and I wondered why we waited so long to try it..

Remember that  ripening times are  from the time of transplanting into the garden.


This tomato has great disease resistance, high yields, and a long growing season. Big, juicy, meaty sandwich-sized tomatoes appear early on vines that continue until frost. These vines are vigorous, so be sure to stake or cage well. Indeterminate,main season


Large beefsteak-type tomato with very firm flavorful fruits. Strong vines produce an abundance of 1-2 lb fruits. These are perfect for sandwiches and hamburgers. Very reliable. Indeterminate, main season


When Big Boy hybrid tomato debuted in 1949, its incredible productivity and perfect, large red fruit made it an instant hit. What's kept Big Boy tomato a best-selling tomato all these years is the wonderful aroma and rich flavor. The fruits weigh in 10 ounces with many reaching 1 pound or more. Indeterminate, main season


Plump, juicy, deep red tomatoes that often weigh more than one pound. Fruits are extremely flavorful, with flesh that's juicy, yet firm. Heavy foliage protects fruits from sun-scald. Indeterminate, mid-season


This prize winner was bred by Minnie Zaccaria, a New Jersey gardener who sought the perfect cross-pollination of two heirlooms, finally creating this enormous tomato with fruits that repeatedly tip the scales at an amazing 4 to 6 lbs. They are sweet and delicious. Indeterminate, mian sesaon


The perfect slicer for sandwiches. An improvement on the popular Champion, with much better disease resistance, while maintaining its distinctive sweet taste, earliness and large, 6 to 8-oz. fruits that are smooth and meaty. Indeterminate, mid-season


This AAS Award Winner is a main-crop hybrid with multiple disease resistance. Medium sized, 7 oz., red, globe-shaped fruits are crack-resistant, with nice flavor. Determinate, mid-season


Fans of Cherokee Purple will fall in love with this exceptionally flavored heirloom hybrid. Attractive, flattened globe shaped, 9 to 10 oz. fruits are firm, smooth and truly purple inside and out. Indeterminate, main season


This lovely globe shaped beefsteak type tomato is firm and fleshy with a beautiful red color and dark green leaves A heavy producer. Expect nearly 2 dozen fruits from every plant. It offers great foliage protection against the summer sun. Superior disease resistance.

indeterminate, main season


Large, 12–14 ounce pink beefsteaks are very prolific. With a fine balance of sweet to acid flavor, they are great for soups, stewing, or sauces. Indeterminate, main season


A unique addition to the series, with 6 to 7 oz. beautiful globed-shaped fruits. Stunning yellow skin is covered with pink/red stripes that resemble brush strokes. Flesh is not only delicious, but is an eye-catching bright yellow with a slight red blush on the blossoms end. Indeterminate. main season


2017 AAS Winner! Gorgeous, 10 ounce beefsteak, fruits have a sweet, citrus-like flavor with just the right amount of acid and the perfect tomato texture. Plants produce loads of 6" to 7", golden yellow fruits. Indeterminate. main season


Tasty, globe-shaped, scarlet red, 3 to 5", these medium to large sized fruits are almost crack-free. Meaty and rich in beefsteak flavor. Heavy yields and an excellent variety for canning. Indeterminate, mid-season


Beautiful, smooth, bright-red fruits average 10 to 15 oz., with a sweet flavor. Goliath is one of the most uniform tomatoes I've seen. Nice if like your tomatoes to be consistent. Tall, plants produce a lot of perfect tomatoes. Indeterminate, mid-season


A really meaty, beefsteak tomato - perfect in sandwiches, with a burger, or simply drizzled with olive oil in a salad. The fruits have a full, rich flavor and can each weigh up to a pound. These plants are notably disease resistant. Indeterminate, main season


The sturdy Jet Star tomato plants produce bright red globe-shaped fruit quite free of cracks and scars with big yields from your garden. The fruits are lower acid than other tomatoes and have good flavor. Indeterminate, mid-season


Large size, deeply oblate, dark red fruits from vigorous vines producing extraordinary yields! Uniform, crack-resistant fruits average 11 - 13 oz. Great taste. We were impressed with how big they got. Widely adapted. Indeterminate, mid-season


The smallest and earliest of our Idaho bred varieties...great for containers! Extremely early variety bred by the U of Idaho in the 1960s. Small fruits range from cherries to saladette size, on very compact plants, excellent for containers, and for short season areas.


Legend has shown a strong tolerance to blight strains. Round, shiny red fruits average 4" - 5", sweet and just a little acid for a touch of zing. Green shoulders, few seeds and good uniformity in an early maturing slicing tomato. Determinate, mid-season


This is a seed we saved from our Big Zacs. Our seed reverted back to one of it's parent which must have been a large open pollinated pink tomato. It is very sweet and lovely and I have grown some really large tomatoes in my garden from this variety. Indeterminate, main season


Great taste and larger 8 to 16 ounce fruits. We loved their uniformity and their flavor. Beautiful, red color. Very firm and flavorful. These grow really well in a big pot. Determinate, mid-season


This plant produces heavy yields of 10 to 12 oz red tomatoes. Perfect for salads, slicing, and sandwiches. This variety has increased firmness that will hold up during shipping. Excellent choice for home gardens and market growers. Developed by NC State University at the Mountain Research and Extension Center. Determinate, mid-season


This is the most popular tomato in Japan. We like it also. Known as "Tough Boy" in the U.S. Deep pink, with green shoulders, these 6 - 7 oz. tomatoes are flavorful and sweet. Crack resistant. The original name, refers to a hero in Japanese folklore. Indeterminate, main season


A yellow-fruited tomato superior in disease resistance, plant habit and certain fruit characteristics to standard cultivars. This open-pollinated variety was released in 1993. Bred by Dr. Randolph G. Gardner at the North Carolina State Mountain Horticultural Crops Research Station. Determinate, mid-season


An improved version of the ever-popular Fantastic, with stronger disease resistance. Heavy yields of solid, meaty, smooth fruits weigh an average of 10 oz each. Indeterminate.


High yields of 8 to 14 oz deep red tomatoes.The tomatoes stay firm when ripe. Perfect for slicing, salads, or canning. Crack-resistant. The plant has good foliage protecting tomatoes from sun-scald. An excellent choice for home gardens and market growers. Very vigorous vines, it is a large determinate, mid-season


Producing large 10 -12 ounce flattened beefsteak fruits with beautiful pinkish-red stripes inside. Sweet with great flavor and texture. Each plant can produce about 30 fruits per season. Indeterminate, main season


These large plants produce  an abundance of tomatoes! The fruits are deep red in color, weigh about 4 ozs. each, and are sunburn and crack resistant.  An excellent canning tomato that does well in hot weather!  Indeterminate, main season


Lemon yellow, not golden in color. Highly adaptable plants yield large, deep oblate fruits, averaging 6 to 7 oz. and about 3-1/2" across. Out-yields all other "golden" tomatoes available. Mild flavored, we really liked these. Indeterminate, mid-season


The largest of the U of I bred tomatoes. Not the earliest but certainly the largest. Big plants produce dozens of large, 4-5" red fruits good for slicing and canning. Almost lost to the ether but for a Utah gardener who kept it as his main canning tomato. Indeterminate, mid-season


These red slicers are the result of a cross of Brandywine and Costoluto Genovese. This fusion produces beautiful, slightly squat, globe-shaped tomatoes with the most wonderful flavor. Indeterminate plants are ready to harvest two weeks before either of the parent plants.


Gary Ibsen, owner of Tomatofest, named this variety in tribute to his friend, famed cook and educator, Julia Child. The tall, potato-leaf plant produces lots of 4", deep-pink, lightly-fluted, fruits that has firm, juicy flesh and robust flavor. Indeterminate, Main season


Prolific, round & delicious tomato. Glows orange when ripe. Sweet and flavorful.  with thick walls and skin, light on the juice, winner of numerous tastings, with thick-walled, 3" yellow fruits! Indeterminate, Main season