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Oxheart Tomatoes

Oxheart type tomatoes are very meaty, have less juice and fewer seeds, not unlike a paste tomato. The plants usually have wispy foliage, not unlike paste tomatoes.  There are exceptions to the rule. They can grow very large. Cuor di Bue is big, pink, and delicious. Colors range from deep, red, dark, pink to bicolors. My particular favorite is the Orange Russian. Steve loves German Red Strawberry and Kosovo.Those are huge! They are very good for canning and cooking. We have several new varieties this year. Hungarian Heart and Livingston's Yellow Oxheart.

Remember that  ripening times are  from the time of transplanting into the garden.

German Red Strawberry


An heirloom oxheart variety from Brenda Hillenius, of Oregon, who got it from her grandfather, Kenneth Wilcox, who received seeds from a Russian immigrant. A gorgeous tomato. Early maturing for a heart-shaped tomato, the large, visually beautiful, pink-red fruit normally weighs about 1 pound. Superb rich old-fashioned flavors with lots of juice.This pic is from my garden, love the heart shape. Indeterminate, main season

Cuor Di Bue


This Oxheart type Italian heirloom has been a favorite in Italy for many years.

Fluted, beautiful 12-oz. fruit has a delicious sweet taste; similar to the shape of a heart; great for fresh eating or saucing. Large vigorous vines. Hard to find. Indeterminate, main season

Hungarian Heart


All the desirable qualities of Early Girl in a  patio-type variety: extreme earliness, firm, meaty, flavorful fruits, blemish-resistant skin with yields all summer long. Fruits are a full 4” in diameter, bright red and slightly flattened.


Loved it! Big, meaty and fine flavored in our garden. This German heirloom is the quintessential sandwich tomato. Delicious, uniform fruits resemble strawberries, but are much larger, averaging 10 oz. and 3-1/2" long. Solid meat has few seeds and little juice, yet delivers big on taste. Indeterminate, main season


These were a winner in my garden. They were also the first large one to ripen in my garden. They ripen to a really soft yellow. Plants have the signature wispy leaves and are good with diseases. Tomatoes are about 6-16 ounces. Sweet and mild, this is the perfect choice for  a milder tomato. Our first BLT!  Plants should be staked well and early. Indeterminate, main season


Typical of heart-shaped varieties, the plants of 'Yellow Oxheart' tend to be sprawling if not tied up and have wispy leaves. As its name implies, 'Yellow Oxheart' fruits are oxheart-shaped and a beautiful golden-yellow in color. Their size is rather variable, ranging from eight ounces to well over one pound each. indeterminate, main season


A variety developed by Brad Gates, USA. Variation of the famous "Beauty Queen" in heart shape. Orange-yellow streaked with pink. Lots of juice, meaty with a well-balanced flavorthat is typical of bicolors.


This wonderful variety came from a former U.N. worker in Kosovo. Huge, deep pink heart-shaped fruit has a sweet rich flavor and is very meaty while still being juicy. Production is excellent and the tomatoes are simply beautiful Tomatoes can grow up to 1 pound, with ranges from 10 to 18 ozs.  

as you can see from the picture, size and shape are variable. Indeterminate. main season


Love, love, love this one! Pretty and yummy! This is a first bicolor oxheart tomato and it exhibits the best qualities of both types. Tomatoes weigh 8 ozs. or more and are heart-shaped with smooth golden flesh, blushed with rose on the outside, marbled inside with streaks of red. They are delicious and sweet, somewhat fruity in flavor, and are meaty with very few seeds. Indeterminate, main season


Large, clear skinned, slightly ribbed, blunt heart shaped fruits. Flavor is excellent: well balanced,  sweet, juicy and truly delicious. Healthy, regular leaf,wispy foliage, good yields. Heirloom from Ozark Mountains. Indeterminate, main season


A special pear-type Italian tomato, this one is medium size and somewhat ribbed with thin skin and a delicious, slightly sweet flavor. It bears a large number of fruit, which are delicate and flavorful enough to eat fresh, but also perfect for cooking. Indeterminate, main season


Lovely, heart-shaped fruits have pointed tips and are almost blemish-free. Strong, sweet taste in juicy fruits that are a vibrant, deep orange in color when mature, averaging 8 oz. to 1 lb. Don't be fooled by the wispy leaves - plants are very vigorous and high yielding. Indeterminate


These plants have a regular leaf, wispy foliage, large. pink heart-shaped fruit, with very few seeds, meaty, and good flavor. One of the 100 varieties mentioned in Carolyn Homme's book: "100 heirloom tomatoes for American garden". Indeterminate


Tomato plants produce huge crops of pale yellow fruits until the season is over.  Tomatoes range from 6-12 ounces and are almost blemish free.