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Due to the current pandemic, we aren’t sure if we can do workshops. However, I am happy to spend time with you answering questions on an individual basis

Free Mini-Workshop

"Learn How To Grow Tomatoes and Peppers in 60 Minutes or Less”. 



“Salad Bowl Workshop". 



My Backyard (822 N. University)

Everything You Wanted to Know (Almost) About Growing Tomatoes and Peppers In 60 Minutes or Less!

Every year, I’m asked the same questions like: when to plant, what type of fertilizer to use, how big a pot to use, when and how to water, etc. I’ll be answering these questions and more. Even if you are an accomplished gardener you can still learn something! Or better yet bring your wisdom and share with everyone. For more info call 509-928-3342. 

Salad Bowl Workshop
This is a fun little workshop. Everyone knows you can eat lettuce and they usually grow it in the garden beds. I will show you how to use it as an ornamental in a container. (I’ve never had problems with slugs once I started putting it into containers.) It can be the thriller or the filler in your arrangement. I provide the lettuce start and two fillers, the organic potting mix and instruction on how I make it and useful information on how to take care of your new container, what to do with the container after you eat it etc. 

Parking: Park at the school on Broadway or on the street in back of our house. Please don’t park on their grass! if you find no space. It’s a short walk. It is Broadway Elementary.  •  509-928-3342  •  Blog:
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